Meeting Dates and a Few Other Deadlines for 2010-2011

The development of the University Faculty Council (UFC), along with the creation of the new colleges, required an adaptation in the calendar of committee meeting dates that has for many years been a useful planning document at UMW.  The meeting calendar for 2010-2011 is available now at the homepage of the Office of the Provost, and my office will manage this calendar from this point forward.

The calendar for 2010-11 establishes

a track of meetings for the UFC along with a schedule of dates for separate meetings of the faculties of the three colleges.  In the College of Arts and Sciences, the CAS Faculty Senate will meet on the dates set aside for college faculty meetings.  Deans of the two colleges, together with their faculties, will determine the sorts of meetings to be held on the college faculty meeting dates on the schedule.  We maintained three tracks of dates for college-level faculty committees in order to accommodate the established committee structure in CAS.  The new colleges can use this assortment of dates to facilitate necessary committee meetings once committees in the new colleges are fully formed.  There is also a track of meeting times set aside for university committees and for other groups (such as assessment coordinators, first-year advisors, and department chairs).

Beginning in fall 2010, there is a singular University academic calendar (rather than the two separate calendars we followed in the past).  The new calendar includes deadlines associated with the eight-week terms used for some courses offered in some of the programs taught at the Stafford campus, but it presents those dates as part of one overall academic calendar.

The Provost’s homepage is also your easiest route to find other important dates, such as the schedule for annual evaluation activities, for promotion and tenure, and for student course evaluations.

Dates for the annual evaluation process, and for the promotion and tenure schedule, are set.  General dates for the student course evaluation process are listed, but the schedule for when tenured faculty in particular departments will have their courses evaluated is not yet finalized.  This is because we have created new departments and we are still making decisions about how to set up the evaluation schedule.  This schedule will be ready shortly.

As the new University Faculty Handbook points out, faculty interested in taking a sabbatical will present their application to their college deans.  The deans make recommendations to the Provost, who will select the stronger applications for presentation to the Board of Visitors, who make the final sabbatical awards.  All faculty will follow the same rules regarding application deadline and evaluation criteria; these are provided on the web site for the Office of the Provost.  Sabbatical applications are due on September 6.

Jepson Fellowships application materials are available on my office web site, and these will be awarded following recommendations made to me by a university committee.  The committee has yet to be established, but I will work with the UFC and other faculty governance bodies to come up with a group to review the applications and make recommendations to me.  John Morello, Associate Provost, will coordinate the reviewing activities with the faculty group.  As with sabbaticals, the Board of Visitors makes the fellowship award. Jepson Fellowship applications are due on September 17.

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