Conversations with the Provost

In an effort to use multiple ways for keeping us informed about changes and new directions at Mary Washington, I will again be hosting a series of “Conversations with the Provost.” Last year, these relaxed and informal gatherings helped me to get to know many of you.  The meetings were also an . . .

opportunity for you to hear my perspectives on the many changes we were experiencing.  So, let’s continue the conversation on September 23rd at 5:00p.m. in the house at 1201 William Street.  I hope to see you there.

Our thematic approach this year is “Re-engaging with our Values” so I would like our discussions to center around the major issues confronting academic affairs as we take stock of where we are and look for ways to “re-engage.”  For example: What are the values with which we should re-engage? We are focusing significant energy on assessment and institutional effectiveness — what is the value of effectively conducted assessment to you and to our students?  The president and I have a vision for UMW to become the best public liberal arts university. What measures need to be enacted to move us toward this goal?

The issues highlighted in this newsletter, such as credit for IB courses or a co-enrollment program, are ripe for discussion. President Hurley’s remarks at the opening faculty meeting might also serve as a jumping off point for our interactions.  And you undoubtedly have questions or topics of your own that you might like the chance to pursue.

As always the only restriction to our conversation is mutual civility. I look forward to greeting you on September 23 and to hearing your thoughts.

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