UMW Faculty-led Summer Study Abroad Programs Still Accepting Applications

Our faculty are offering exciting summer session study abroad courses this year, and it’s not too late for students to inquire and to sign up.  Because deadlines are approaching, I thought you might like some information about our programs.  Perhaps you know students who would find a summer study abroad course to be the perfect complement to their UMW education.  Full details, along with directions about how to sign up, are available at this location, or students may contact program faculty directly.  Brief program summaries follow on the next page.

Brooke Donaldson Di Lauro will lead a group to Paris, France. During the program, held from July 1 – 31, students will take a language course taught by the faculty of the Institut Catholique and a culture course taught by Brooke Donaldson.  Small classes allow for an intensive study of the language. Exposure to French newspapers, news programs, popular music, and films will provide substantial practice with oral communication.

The study abroad program to Ghana, led by Suzanne Houff and Dale Wright, is distinctive because it offers an opportunity for either undergraduate or graduate course credit.  In partnership with the University of Education, Winneba, and the Virginia State Reading Association, UMW’s program in Ghana, Africa offers education students the rare chance to teach a diverse population in an environment remarkably different from the United States.  Program dates are June 24 – July 8.

Marcel Rotter will lead a group to Erfurt, Germany.  The course in Erfurt, from May 9 to July 10, is designed to allow students to gain a maximum proficiency in understanding, reading, writing, and speaking German. Intermediate-level German is a prerequisite. The program offers an extensive excursion schedule. Students discover the landmarks of Erfurt and become acquainted with several sites in the surrounding area.

In Orveito, Italy, Federico Schneider leads a program that offers students a full-immersion intensive language experience.  Program dates are from June 19 through July 17.  Students may earn as many as six credits toward their language requirement. Courses are taught by resident faculty of the Istituto di Lingua e Cultura: Lingua Sì, and by the Resident Program Director, Dr. Federico Schneider.

After an absence of many years, Donald Rallis has re-started his three-week study abroad program in South Africa.  Dates run from July 31 – August 20.  Dr. Rallis, a native South African, focuses his course on issues of development and inequality in post-apartheid South Africa.  Students will stay in one of the country’s game parks, will later travel to and tour Johannesburg, will visit the Apartheid Museum and, in Capetown, will visit Robben Island (the prison where Nelson Mandela spent many years).

Denis Nissim-Sabat leads the Psychology in Europe course on a two-week program with stops in London, Amsterdam, Wurzburg, Munich, and Vienna to trace the development of psychology in Europe prior to its introduction in the United States. Students will grow to appreciate the different cultures and the influence they have had upon the global development of psychology.

Program dates are May 9 – 23. This course offers a unique opportunity to visit original historic homes and hear formal presentations at important psychology sites.

In Deusto, Spain, at the University of Deusto, Jose Sainz leads a program offering students a unique experience focusing on either the Intensive Spanish or the Business, International Relations, and Spanish Language programs.  The program runs from June 27-July 28.  Bilbao is a bustling, friendly, and beautiful city in the Basque country of northern Spain. The University of Deusto is located in the heart of the city.

And, finally, Porter Blakemore and Jack Kramer are teaming once again for the 19th time to take a group of students on a six-credit European Capitals course experience, which runs for twenty-seven days during May and early June.  I believe this program is already full, and it certainly is a wonderful achievement to see that a group of over 20 students will be heading on a whirlwind excursion through London, Paris, Vienna, Venice, and Rome.  This is UMW’s longest faculty-led study abroad program.

The International Academic Services Office has additional plans for events to publicize these programs, and I thought you might appreciate a heads up about that.  Next week, during the lunch hour from Tuesday through Thursday, the Office will set up a table at the Eagle’s Nest to make information available. And plans are in the works to host a Faculty-led Summer Study Abroad Program “Happy Hour” in the Lee Hall Underground on January 18, from 4-5:30 P.M.

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