Developments in DTLT, and News about the Teaching Center Director Search

We’ve named a new Director of the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies (DTLT) and we will also shortly launch a national search to fill a vacant Instructional Technology Specialist position.  In addition, the search to fill the vacant position of University Teaching Center Director has begun again.  Let me provide some basic details for you, starting with the announcement that Jim Groom is now the Director of DTLT.

Jim just recently celebrated his fifth anniversary with DTLT and he is well qualified to assume leadership of the division and its mission.  DTLT assists the University in maintaining its commitment to academic excellence by supporting the instructional technology needs of the entire UMW community through instructional design and support, consulting, and other services.  Jim has spent several years in the Instructional Technology Specialist trenches, has worked with a wide variety of UMW faculty on a number of different projects, is currently involved in the online teaching development project, and is an active participant in a number of national instructional technology organizations (such as EDUCAUSE).  I look forward to his energetic leadership of and collaboration with his colleagues in DTLT — and with all members of the UMW community.

One of his first tasks is to quickly organize and launch a national search for an Instructional Technology Specialist to bring the staff in DTLT to full strength and to close any existing gaps in the services and coverage that DTLT is currently able to provide.  Some DTLT staff members have absorbed some additional short-term duties (until the search is completed), and there is a need to be sure that all of DTLT’s services and expertise are fully available to all faculty on both the Fredericksburg and Stafford campuses.  The addition of another ITS will help to make sure that all faculty, regardless of where they are located, will be effectively supported by DTLT.  Some of you may be asked to participate on the search committee once it is organized and I hope you’ll be able to help us out in this way.

Regarding the search for a Teaching Center Director, you’ll recall that we attempted to fill this position with a search that commenced in March of 2011.  The Search Committee held several telephone interviews, and one on-campus interview, but eventually decided that it was in our best interests to close that search and to start fresh this fall.

The new search for a Director is underway.  The position description is posted here.  The job description has been revised slightly from the previous search, and the alterations will (in the opinion of the Search Committee) give us a better chance of securing a strong applicant pool.  Unlike the last time, there is no longer the requirement that the Teaching Center Director serve as supervisor of the staff in DTLT or as the supervisor of the Writing Program and Speaking Intensive Program Directors.  Instead, the Teaching Center Director will collaborate actively with these individuals and units rather than supervising them.  The Teaching Center Director will report to the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs.

The position is once again being advertised as a 12-month administrative faculty position.  Key duties outlined in the job description are to: (1) promote and support effective, engaging, and innovative teaching practices and manage the Teaching Center, (2) develop and support a variety of faculty development initiatives focused on teaching excellence and innovation, and (3)develop and support collaborative relationships between the Teaching Center and key constituencies across campus.  The application deadline is November 28, 2011.   Campus interviews with finalists are likely to occur in late January or early February 2012.

The search committee includes many of the same persons who took part in the last search along with two new members.  Those serving are:

* Anand Rao, Department of English, Linguistics, and Communication (chair)

* Steve Greenlaw, Department of Economics (and current acting Teaching Center Director)

* Ernie Ackermann, Department of Computer Science (acting Teaching Center Director in 2009-10)

* Rosemary Arneson, University Librarian

* Gail Brooks, Department of Accounting and Management Information Systems

* Kavatus Newell, Department of Curriculum and Instruction

* Laurie Abeel, Department of Foundations, Leadership, and Special Populations

* Gwen Hale, Writing Center and Writing Program Director

* Martha Burtis, Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies

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