More External Grants Activity And Successes

Congratulations yet again to Patricia Reynolds who was recently awarded a sixth grant from the Virginia Department of Education for delivering the TESL 532 course.  Also, Brian Rizzo is very close to a finalized contract for GIS services from the National Park Service, and two UMW staff members (Shaun Jones and Ruth Lovelace) have also been awarded externally funded grants.  Brief details about these projects, and a list of the applications made since October, follows on the next page.
Patricia Reynolds (Department of Foundations, Leadership, and Special Populations) received $82,1770.20 to deliver two graduate level courses in differentiated instruction across the curriculum for English language learners.  The grant provides tuition support for teachers who enroll in the courses, covers the costs of textbooks, and also covers all costs related to offering the classes at two off-campus locations (in Norfolk and Stafford County).  This is the fifth time UMW has received a grant from the VDOE to provide the differentiated instruction course – quite an achievement!

Brian Rizzo (Department of Geography) is on the brink of receiving final approval of a proposal for a Potomac Wetlands study from the National Park Service.  Final details about the project are being ironed out.  The award, when finally executed, will be for $18,000 and the project will involve GIS development, a GPS survey, habitat assessment, and a vegetation delineation study.  Several student researchers will be involved in the work with Brian.

Sgt. Shaun Jones of the UMW Police Department was awarded a $5,000 grant from the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to fund a project on improving enforcement of underage drinking.  This effort will operate in conjunction with the Office of Counseling and Psychological Services and will employ, among other strategies, interactive fatal vision and impaired vision simulations to illustrate and educate about the effects of alcohol.

Ruth Lovelace, Director of Emergency Management and Safety, received a $50,000 grant from the Virginia Department of Emergency Management.  The grant enables UMW to update all aspects of its hazards mitigation plan, which is a strategic document designed to outline actions and procedures designed to minimize injuries and damage and to keep the university operating during natural disasters or other emergency events.

Thus far in 2011, UMW faculty and staff have submitted 55 external funding proposals for grants, contracts, or fellowships.  This is slightly ahead of the 50 proposals submitted in 2010.  Each application is quite time consuming, and these faculty and staff members are to be congratulated for taking the initiative to pursue their research and program improvement efforts.

Several faculty members have applied for external grants, fellowships, or contracts since the last newsletter in October, and I’d like to recognize those who have made recent applications:

* Hilary Stebbins (Department of Psychology) submitted a proposal to the SOMAS program (Support of Mentors and their Students in Neurosciences) to fund a collaborative summer research project with an undergraduate student to examine the anger superiority effect;

* Leo Lee (Department of Mathematics) applied for a National Science Foundation-supported travel grant to present his research on stochastic optimal control problems at Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics conference in April 2012;

* Steve Harris (Department of History and American Studies) submitted a fellowship proposal to the Kennan Institute to pursue a study comparing the histories of Pam American World Airways and Aeroflot;

* Brian Rizzo (Department of Geography) submitted a proposal to Marstel-Day LLC for GIS map production involving military installations and their encroachment control plans (Phase 1 of 11 anticipated phases);

* Lynn Lewis and Kathy Loesser-Casey (Department of Biological Sciences) developed a sub-award proposal to join in a collaborative National Science Foundation grant proposal being lead by James Madison University that will involve 19 participating institutions for a project titled “The PHAGE Galaxy:  A Consortium for Phage Hunting and Genomics Education for Undergraduates”;

* Debra Hydorn (Department of Mathematics) and Venitta McCall (Department of Foundations, Leadership, and Special Populations) are submitting a proposal to the Virginia Department of Education to fund a project to work with local middle and high school mathematics teachers focusing on the teaching of topics from Virginia’s College and Career Ready Mathematics Performance Expectations by using a problem-solving approach.

If you have an interest in applying for external funding of any kind (grants, contracts, and so forth), please make sure you submit your proposal for the required UMW internal review before you make an application to the funding agency.  All proposals by UMW faculty or staff for any external funding (regardless of the funding source) follow the same internal review procedures.  Associate Provost John Morello continues to serve as the point of contact for persons interested in submitting external grant proposals.

The location of the materials relevant to applying for external grants is available:  Or from the main page at the Provost’s web site, just look for the large heading titled “Grants and Research.”

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