Report on External Grants – Activity, Results, and Procedures

UMW faculty and staff are continuing to submit external grant and contract proposals.  Debbie Zies (Department of Biological Sciences) recently learned that the Virginia Academy of Sciences (VAS) awarded her a $1,200 grant to support her work on cloning and the human RA11 promoter.  She received the maximum award for what the chairperson of the VAS Research Committee termed a fine proposal.  Congratulations to Debbie and to the eight other faculty and staff members who have submitted projects for external funding since the report that was in the April 2012 newsletter (the list of applicants appears on the next page).

Since the April newsletter, the following persons have submitted grant or contract proposals.  We wish them good luck with their applications.

* Patricia Reynolds (Department of Foundations, Leadership, and Special Populations) submitted two grant proposals to the Virginia Department of Education to support the delivery of the TESL 532 course in fall 2012 and spring 2013 – total for the proposal was $173,491 (and it appears that these projects will likely receive funding but the final award documents have not been received yet);

* Will Mackintosh (Department of History and American Studies) submitted a $50,400 fellowship proposal to the National Endowment for the Humanities for a project to investigate the origins of tourism in the United States;

* Suzanne Sumner (Department of Mathematics) collaborated with the Caroline County Public Schools (Caroline Middle School) on a 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant proposal to the Virginia Department of Education;

* Theresa Grana (Department of Biological Sciences) applied for a $2,000 grant from the Association for Biology Laboratory Education to support a worm-finding project for introductory and sophomore genetics labs;

* James DeLoatch (UMW Police Department) submitted a $9,000 grant to the Virginia Alcoholics Beverage Commission for an undergraduate student alcoholic awareness program;

* Norah Hooper (Department of Foundations, Leadership, and Special Populations) submitted a $74,050 grant to the Virginia Department of Education for a special education teacher support project;

* David Ambuel (Department of Classics, Philosophy, and Religion) submitted a Fulbright Scholar application for the 2013-14 academic year to serve as a visiting faculty member at the Institute of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic


* David Toth (Department of Computer Sciences) submitted two proposals to XSEDE (a distributed virtual organization) for use of computer time on the supercomputer at the Texas Advanced Computing Center.  He is a collaborator with colleagues at Merrimack College on these projects, which will research HIV therapies and histoplasmosis.  David begins work at UMW this fall semester and submitted these project proposals in July.

Congratulations to everyone for their efforts in developing an application!  I hope these projects meet with a good reception from the various funding entities.  It takes substantial effort to develop a project proposal and (as we know) the competition for funding is usually fierce.  In my next newsletter, I hope to have some good news about projects that have been funded.

If you have an interest in applying for external funding of any kind (grants, contracts, and so forth), please make sure you submit your proposal for the required UMW internal review before you make an application to the funding agency.  All proposals by UMW faculty or staff for any external funding (regardless of the funding source) follow the same internal review procedures.  Associate Provost John Morello continues to serve as the point of contact for persons interested in submitting external grant proposals.

The location of the materials relevant to applying for external grants is available:  Or from the main page at the Provost’s web site, just look for the large heading titled “Grants and Research.”

The list of awards at the web page represents all the awards that have been made known to the Provost’s Office through the process for approving external grant and contract applications before they are submitted.  If there’s an awarded project missing from this list, please contact the Office of the Provost.  We’d like to recognize your accomplishments.

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