Budget Development Information For Fiscal Year 2013-2014

Direct reports to the Provost have been notified of a call to submit LIMITED funding requests for items that (1) advanced implementation of the Strategic Plan, (2) support TJ 21 initiatives or  (3) are deemed critical to the operation of the program or department.  All such requests will be submitted by the various direct reports (College Deans, for example) to the Provost for review and prioritization.

Following prioritization of requests submitted to the Provost, requests are to be sent to the Budget Office by January 23, 2013.  That office will prepare a consolidated request package for review and consideration by the President and Cabinet as well as the Budget Advisory Committee.  As in prior years, each vice president will have the opportunity to present his/her priorities to the Budget Advisory Committee.  A specific date and time for the presentations to the Budget Advisory Committee will be identified following the winter break.

This is an accelerated timetable to be sure, but necessary in order to stay on track in the overall budget preparation process.  It’s also worth emphasizing that additional resources, whether from tuition and fees or state general funds, are expected to be limited.  The Commonwealth’s current economic environment and the University’s efforts to limit tuition and fee increases are limitations to the amount of budgetary flexibility possible.

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