Work on Convergence Center Project Moving Ahead Smoothly

Construction activity is ramping up at the Convergence Center site.  See for yourself by checking out the “web cam” at the Convergence Center tab on the Provost’s web site.  For additional information about the project, select either of the two FAQ sections or the listing of “latest developments” available at the same location as the webcam.  Two big events are happening now: the placement of the aggregate piers that will anchor the building to the site followed by the pouring of the building’s foundations and footings.

Placement of the aggregate piers is running slightly ahead of schedule and is expected to conclude this week and will be followed by pouring the concrete for footings and the foundation.  Vibrations during the pile placement efforts will be monitored to ensure that the activities are not disruptive.  Given the sandy condition of the soils in the site, vibration transfer to Jepson or the Simpson Library is not anticipated.  Activity will be monitored, and reasonable effort will be made to keep noise to a minimum.

The construction firm has been directed to observe a “quiet period” beginning next Saturday (with the start of “reading days” and the following exam week).  In order to maintain as much quiet as possible while exams are in session, work will be limited to that requiring only hand tools or other construction methods that produce minimal noise.  As soon as exams are over, activity will accelerate in the effort to get as much work done as possible before the onset of winter’s bad weather.

Because of the increased construction activity in the area, everyone is reminded to use the covered walkway when traveling through the work zone rather than walking in the road.  Whenever heavy equipment is on the road, workers from the construction firm have been watching pedestrian traffic, stopping it briefly when necessary so that trucks can safely get through the site.

Students were sent an email reminder cautioning against walking, skateboarding, or bicycling in the middle of the Simpson Library access road.  The warnings are necessary to ensure everyone’s safety.

When the initial foundation work described above is done, a tower crane will be put in place at the site.  This is tentatively scheduled to happen between December 17 and 21.  The crane will be used to load, unload, and move materials, equipment, and supplies into place at the worksite.  Because this is a cramped location, bounded by a resource protection area that workers cannot encroach, it’s necessary to put this crane in place.

As explained in several previous newsletters, the Convergence Center will be four stories tall, roughly the size of the Jepson Science Center, and will include a variety of spaces designed to enable students, faculty, and staff to interact with one another on both curricular and extracurricular tasks and projects.  The building will function as an intersection of teaching, learning, library resources, and technology resources in a space designed as an open, inviting, and active gathering place for students, faculty, and staff.

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