External Grant Applications – Summary of Activity and Results

In calendar year 2012, UMW faculty and staff members submitted 50 projects for external grants and contracts to a broad range of government agencies, businesses, and foundations.  Competition for external funding is rigorous, and finding the time required to formulate proposals is usually challenging given other workload demands.  Despite those odds, 10 proposals submitted last calendar year earned funding for a total $474,750. Since the last newsletter in November, grants have been awarded to David Toth and Theresa GranaMary Kayler and Christina Eggenberger, Gwen Hale (and her student Ethan Bottome), and to UMW for the renewal of the Watershed Coordinator position.  Also, 14 applications have been submitted since last November.  Congratulations to everyone for their efforts and successes.

David Toth (Department of Computer Science) and Theresa Grana (Department of Biological Sciences) just learned that their application to XSEDE (a distributed virtual organization) for the use of time on their supercomputer was accepted.  The value of the award is approximately $4910 (for 60,000 hours of time on the 7th fastest computer on the planet).  Their project will involve teaching undergraduates to use supercomputing in the sciences

Mary Kayler (Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation) and Christina Eggenberger (Center for Honor, Leadership, and Service) received a $1,000 seminar grant from the American Association of Colleges and Universities.  Their project, “Service Learning Seminar: Recasting and Drawing Upon a Wider Net,” hopes to bridge the missions of the two centers that serve UMW faculty, students, and community members. Beginning the task of recasting civic engagement through service learning curricular innovations with an aim towards transformational learning is the overall objective of the seminar.  Look for additional details about this upcoming seminar in the near future.

Gwen Hale (Writing Center and Writing Program Director) and her student Ethan Bottome (a junior Writing Center Tutor and Geography major) were named co-winners of the Christine Cozzens Research Grant and Initiative awarded by the Southeastern Writing Center Association (SWCA).  Their proposed project will develop a university-high school writing center partnership; the $300 grant they received enables them to get started on this innovative idea.

Finally, UMW will continue to host a Watershed Coordinator position.  Funded through an Environmental Protection Agency grant managed by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), this position assists the DCR in providing technical and administrative support for comprehensive watershed management.  Watershed Coordinator positions are hosted at various universities in Virginia.  UMW alum May Sligh serves in this position.  A $67,000 grant supports this position for the 2013 calendar year.  UMW has hosted this position since January 2008.

In addition to those mentioned above who have been notified of their awards, the following persons deserve recognition for the grant or contract proposals they have submitted since the last newsletter in November.  We wish them good luck with their applications.

* Ben LaBreche (Department of English, Linguistics, and Communication) submitted eight different fellowship proposals in support of his project on Liberty Agonistes – a study of 17th Century theories on liberty (particularly the writings of John Milton).  He submitted applications to the Huntington Library, the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, the UCLA Center for 17th and 18th Century Studies, the Newberry Library, the Houghton Library, and the Harry Ransom Center.  He submitted two additional applications for summer stipends to the Newberry Library and the UCLA Center.

* Lynn Lewis and Kathy Loesser-Casey (Department of Biological Sciences) submitted a subaward proposal as part of a larger National Science Foundation grant proposal developed by James Madison University.  The project proposes to host “Viral Discovery and Bioinformatics Workshops at the University of Mary Washington.”

* Keith Mellinger (Department of Mathematics) and David Toth (Department of Computer Science) were named as research scientists on an application to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration made by Affinity Fidelis, LLC on a project to develop a science mission virtual sand table and decision support dashboard.

* Dan Preston (James Monroe Papers) submitted a proposal to the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities to host a symposium on “James Monroe: Life and Legacy.”

* Stephen Davies (Department of Computer Science) is named as a research consultant for semantic technologies on a grant application being made by Perigean Technologies to the Office of Naval Research for a text analytics (data to decision) project.

If you have an interest in applying for external funding of any kind (grants, contracts, and so forth), please make sure you submit your proposal for the required UMW internal review before you make an application to the funding agency.  All proposals by UMW faculty or staff for any external funding (regardless of the funding source) follow the same internal review procedures.  Associate Provost John Morello continues to serve as the point of contact for persons interested in submitting external grant proposals.

The location of the materials relevant to applying for external grants is available: http://provost.umw.edu/grantsoffice/.  Or from the main page at the Provost’s web site, just look for the large heading titled “Grants and Research.”

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