Board of Visitors update

Mary Washington is fortunate to have a group of Trustees led by Rector White who are committed to the well-being of the university, and who dedicate so much of their time in our service.  During this last set of meetings on April 17-19, vigorous discussion and debate took place on several matters pertaining to every corner of the university.
The Board approved a tuition increase of 4.5% for 2013-14, which will provide funding for an increase in the number of sabbaticals next year, for faculty and staff salary increases mandated by the State, for the QEP program implementation, for the Domain of One’s Own program and online learning initiatives, and for two faculty positions to replace adjuncts in departments with a high number of adjuncts.

The Board also approved the new Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree-completion planning.  That program will now be sent forward to SCHEV.

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