Convergence Center Construction Remains on Schedule

Despite some bouts with more than the usual number of summer thunderstorms, work on UMW’s new Information and Technology Convergence Center remains on target.  Construction is expected to be substantially complete by June 2014, and the building will be in full service starting with the fall 2014 semester.  Continue reading for a quick rundown of recent work and a summary of projected activities in the weeks ahead.

Over the summer, the various concrete pours required to construct the building’s floors and exterior walls were completed.  Work on framing the interior walls is over 90% complete at this point.  Door frames are going in, and construction of the mezzanine for the Digital Auditorium has begun.  The installation of the assortment of heavy mechanical equipment for the building that will be installed on the roof (air handlers, chillers, and the like) will begin in the near future.

Exterior brick work is well underway and is roughly 50% complete.  Installation of windows and doors is projected to begin in the near future.  The goal is for the building to be enclosed by November.  That will allow crews to finish the interior work when the building is “buttoned up,” so to speak.  Back inside the building, the electrical, mechanical, and plumping piping throughout the building is well underway.  By February 2014, water will be turned on to the building.

One of the main landmarks of this construction site – the large blue crane – will be removed by the end of October (assuming we remain on schedule).

As construction activity continues, the Building Committee has been hard at work on a number of important interior details for the building.  The Sextant Group, the AV consultants for the project, has been refining the final AV plans and equipment lists.  Furniture consultants from the architectural firm of Hanbury, Evans, Wright, and Vlattas have been advising the Building Committee on furniture choices.  Nothing’s been ordered yet but the AV and furniture choices are taking shape.

Additional details about the project are available at the project web page.  Take a look at the web cam if you haven’t had a chance to do so thus far – and the time-lapse option is quite interesting if you want to see a “compressed” view of the building’s construction history.

The project web page also provides background information about the Convergence Center and also offers two separate lists of FAQs addressing specific questions about the construction project and the building itself.  At the end of the FAQs about the building there are two images depicting the outside of the building and a short slide show of what the inside might look like when it is finished.

In addition, there is a link to a page for “latest developments” where we will try to keep everyone updated on significant milestone events as they occur. If you believe the materials posted at the web site have left important questions unaddressed, please send your comments or suggestions to John Morello ( so that the necessary information might be made available.

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