First “McAllister & Quinn” Project Submitted – and Call for New Project Proposals

Nicole Crowder (Department of Chemistry) and a team of UMW staff successfully developed and submitted a National Science Foundation proposal for a five-year grant of $599,925 to provide scholarships and new academic support structures for talented low-income STEM students. This was the first project to be developed under the terms of UMW’s contract with McAllister & Quinn. We are launching a call for proposals that might be submitted in 2015 as part of our work with McAllister & Quinn; read on for additional details.

Beginning in late May, this group collaborated with a staff member from McAllister & Quinn and a designated lead grant writer to fashion a proposal in response to the August 14, 2014 deadline. The project went through numerous revisions and adjustments, not the least of which was a change in the project investigator early in the project development. Nicole deserves praise for stepping up to lead the project. Assisting on the project development were Kelly Graham (Academic and Career Services), Kyle Allwine (Admissions), Taiwo Ande (Institutional Analysis and Effectiveness), and John Morello (Provost’s Office).

If funded, the project will provide scholarships to talented, low-income students majoring in STEM fields thereby reducing financial burdens so that the scholars may more fully focus on their studies. A group of faculty mentors from the six UMW STEM departments, supported by the Student Success Coordinators, will provide enhanced academic support with an objective of increasing retention and graduation rates. In addition to Nicole, the team of faculty mentors/advisors includes Debbie Zies (Biological Sciences), Hai Nguyen (Physics), Julius Esunge (Mathematics), Chuck Whipkey (Earth and Environmental Sciences), and Jennifer Polack (Computer Science). Dave Kolar (Psychology) will serve as the grant project evaluator.

Other features of the proposal include active learning opportunities for the S-STEM scholars through cohort activities such as field trips to STEM-related sites, travel to professional conferences, and participation in the STEM symposium courses and colloquium. Career counseling and programming will offer the scholarship students information about internship, employment, and graduate school opportunities.

Two other projects are under development with McAllister & Quinn at this time. Janet Asper is working on a proposal to be submitted to the Department of Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP). Leah Cox, Rita Thompson, and Tim O’Donnell are collaborating on a proposal for TRIO Student Services Support grant from the Department of Education. Each of these are major projects that will involve significant effort in order to produce a complete and competitive proposal.

A Call for New Projects to Receive Grant Writing Support

UMW’s contract with McAllister & Quinn calls for four proposals per year to receive full grant writing development assistance. The Office of the Provost is interested in receiving suggestions for proposals that would have a due date in 2015 and would be good candidates to be one of the designated projects that would be developed with assistance by this firm.

Potential projects should involve a substantial dollar amount (in excess of $100,000 minimally) and should be ones on which UMW could include indirect costs (overhead) as a part of the grant budget. McAllister & Quinn is helping UMW develop a proposal to secure a federally negotiated indirect cost “F and A” rate (facilities and administration). As explained by the firm, the indirect cost proposal would be submitted along with an eligible project. If awarded, the cost proposal submitted would become UMW’s federally negotiated indirect cost rate.


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