From the Newest Building on Campus!

By Jeffrey McClurken, Special Assistant, Technology, Teaching, and Innovation

The ITCC opened to students and classes on Monday to great excitement. The Convergence Center includes three classrooms (with more than 20 sections scheduled here this fall), an incubator classroom, four collaboration spaces, three collaboration rooms, six conference rooms, a two-story media wall, and the 4th floor’s unique Spun Chairs. The building houses IT Support Services, Network Services, Writing Center, Speaking Center, Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation, Teaching and Learning Technologies, a Library checkout point, and the Library’s new digitization lab. Many of these services and spaces opened fully ready on day one, and we will be rolling out a number of others over the course of the fall semester.

Many of you have asked about scheduling the spaces in the ITCC and we are rolling that out in stages as well. We will be using the Library’s scheduling system LibCal at to book the collaboration spaces/rooms (seating 2-8) and conference rooms (seating 15-20).   The collaboration spaces/rooms are “look and book” for 7 days in advance with immediate confirmation, while the current plan for the conference rooms is that they will need to be approved by me (and eventually by an ITCC Building Manager) through the end of the fall semester. Two conference rooms and five collaborations spaces/rooms are currently available for scheduling. As the semester goes on, look for more and more of these rooms to be available to schedule.

This fall, DTLT will be launching the Digital Knowledge Center in the ITCC, a destination for students seeking assistance on digital projects. The Center will directly complement the work that DTLT does with faculty and courses, providing students with resources and tutoring for the digital work that is introduced in their classes. The Center will be directed by Martha Burtis and will be staffed by UMW students working as peer tutors. It will be located in ITCC 408. We are working diligently to get this new Center up and running in the next few months. In the meantime, if you have questions about the DKC and its planned services, please contact Martha at x1355 or

Also coming online later this fall or early spring are the Digital Auditorium, Recording Studio, Multimedia Editing Lab, and Digitization Lab, as well as a brand new Web site with information about all of the services for the building.

The ITCC is a complex, technology-rich space and we’ve begun to cross train the many student aides that work in the building on what is here and how to use it. Don’t hesitate to ask them about any questions you have (especially those staffing the information Desk as you enter the building). I’m also available to talk about the building’s spaces, functions, and processes at and x1475.

I’m proud to represent the many, many people who have been an integral part of getting this building going, including and especially the ITCC Building Committee, ably and efficiently led by John Morello. Be sure to give your thanks to them as well.

While there are many high tech spaces in the building (like the video wall — still a bit under construction), there are also updated versions of study areas. Come by and check us out!

Photos courtesy of Andy Rush, DTLT

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