New Approaches to Summer Session Planning Are Underway

In the effort to generate the strongest possible set of summer session course offerings, we are taking two different planning approaches. First, we have distributed an online survey to all active students to gauge their potential interest in attending the summer session. And second, we have decided to release the schedule of summer session courses later this year (in January rather than December) in order to afford more time to plan the schedule of offerings.

The Academic Task Force recommended that UMW “strategically plan and be proactive in the determination of course offerings to better meet student needs.” In keeping with this recommendation, we distributed a survey to students this past Friday regarding their interests in summer courses. While we know that several departments do a survey of their majors to try and gauge interest in potential summer classes, we thought it would be helpful to try to reach out more broadly to students and to do so now. Not only will the survey help us gather useful data, but is should also stimulate interest among students in summer classes. Here’s a copy of the survey for your reference. Note that this is a pdf version rather than the “live” one.

In prior years, summer session planning commenced with the call for department chairs to propose a summer course schedule that was usually distributed in early November, with schedules due in mid- to late-November. The goal was to have the summer session schedule posted on the web in early December (last year the schedule was made available by December 10).

Rather than asking departments to start figuring out the summer session more or less immediately after the early registration for the spring semester has concluded, information about summer session course requests will be sent to department chairs by November 14. Proposed schedules from the department will now be due to the Registrar by December 19. The plan is to release the schedule of courses on the web on January 26, 2015. Registration for summer courses will still start the first day after spring break (Monday, March 9, 2015). Here’s the full calendar of summer session planning activities.

It’s our hope that the changes we’ve implemented will enable us to produce the strongest possible set of summer session offerings, thereby reversing the enrollment declines we have seen over the past few summers.


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