Upcoming Open Meeting About External Grants

On Wednesday, September 16 at noon in the Digital Auditorium in the ITCC, Associate Provost John Morello will convene an open meeting for all interested teaching and administrative faculty about UMW’s procedures for submitting external grant applications, a renewal of the “incentive plan” to support those who submit applications, and some additional resources for assisting in the prospecting for potential grant sources. A buffet lunch will be provided (and will be available starting at 11:30 a.m.).

The meeting will begin right at noon and will last less than an hour, enabling persons with 1 p.m. classes to leave in time for them. In order to ensure that there’s enough food, please contact John Morello by Friday, September 11 to indicate that you are planning to attend.

The meeting will have four purposes:

  • To review the necessary steps for securing the required “pre-approval” before submitting an external funding request;
  • To have an open discussion about how to provide better support for faculty who are developing external funding proposals;
  • To clarify the situations in which applications should be submitted through the UMW Foundation and to explain some of the special requirements applying to foundation proposals; and
  • To “re-launch” the incentive plan to “incentivize” applications for external funding.

When initially introduced, the incentive plan was proposed on a trial basis. Following the first year’s experience, the plan will be extended for a second year with some modifications. To find out more, come to the meeting!

Zach Hatcher, the Senior Director of Corporate, Foundation, and Individual Giving in the Office of Advancement, will join the meeting to offer insight and guidance about initiating grant proposals through the auspices of the UMW Foundation.

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