Calendars for Planning Your Academic Year

As we do each year, there are a number of important activities scheduled in the so-called “pre-week.”  That calendar is available here.  In addition, there are several other calendars found at the calendars link on the Provost’s web page. Depending on your particular needs, one of these should be helpful to you.

The calendar of Faculty and Committee Meeting Dates for the coming year lists dates for UFC meetings and meetings for the College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Council, the College of Business Faculty Council, and the College of Education Faculty meetings. The calendar was developed in consultation with the UFC and the leaders of each of the college faculties or faculty councils. CAS department meeting dates are available here as well, along with the schedule of meetings the CAS Dean convenes for department chairs. A number of other important university governance dates are listed here as well.

For everyone’s convenience, we have once again organized a calendar of Important Dates for Instructional Faculty.  This is a handy reference for all of the various deadlines on the teaching schedule (last day to drop classes, midterm deficiency reports due date, and so forth).

The Student Course Evaluation Calendar provides the schedule and general instructions for how student course evaluation process is conducted. Course evaluations are conducted online. Faculty will be notified two weeks prior to the start of the evaluation period. Students are notified via email from the Office of Institutional Analysis and Effectiveness to complete the course evaluations. The response rate for the online student course evaluations has been increasing, which is good (it now stands at 51% for CAS courses, 56% for COB courses, and 61% for COE courses). Contact Taiwo Ande, Assistant Provost for Institutional Analysis and Effectiveness, for suggestions to help build a strong response rate for evaluations done in your courses.

The Annual Evaluation and Promotion and Tenure calendars list the key deadline dates for the various steps of each of those processes.

Finally, we have also included a links to the Academic Calendar and numerous other University Calendars for your convenience. Check out the University Calendars link for easy access to the Athletics, Theatre Season, Galleries, and other similar calendar of events pages managed by different units across the university.

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