Summer Session Enrollments INCREASED in 2016!

For the first time since 2010, we can report that there were gains in summer session enrollments over the prior summer. The total number of student credit hours last summer was 5,981 – a 3.4% increase over the prior year. The unduplicated headcount (total number of students attending) was 1,139, a 6.3% increase from summer 2015. And the out of state enrollments increased by a healthy 16%.

The following snapshot of summer session enrollment patterns over the last four years puts last summer’s performance into a clearer perspective:


  2013 2014 2015 2016
Total Credit Hours Enrolled 6,906 6,151 5,785 5,981
Out of State Credits 534 465 319 370
Headcount Enrollment (unduplicated) 1,247 1,176 1,071 1,139


Another measure of the overall success of the summer, total revenue produced, also showed noteworthy growth. The $2,087,083 generated an 11.7 percent increase over the previous summer. The increased enrollments were magnified by the “catch up” tuition and fee rates used. In summer 2015, tuition and fee rates were frozen at the 2014 levels in the attempt to see if cost containment might boost enrollment. It did not. By using the standard per credit hour tuition rates in 2016, the summer session rate regained the increase deferred in 2015 along with the rate increase for 2016. That’s explains why a 3.4% increase in enrollments could generate almost triple the percent increase in overall revenues.


The overall summer session enrollment matters because summer session revenues provide support to ongoing operations at the University; summer revenue is not just applied toward the costs of running the summer session. The good results of summer session 2016 resulted in about a $1 million profit for UMW that, in addition to supporting operations, potentially helps to cushion us a bit against surprise state budget reductions whenever those are announced.


But despite the good news from last summer, summer enrollments were still 13% below what they were in 2013 and are just 64% of what the enrollment was in summer session 2010. So, there remains room for growth.



Looking Closer at Summer Enrollments – Online Summer Classes Keep Growing


A total of 164 courses ran last summer, with the largest number of these occurring in the May/June term (68 courses). The June/July session had the next highest number of courses available (53 courses). While the majority of courses continue to occur in a face-to-face mode, one quarter of the courses offered were taught in a fully online format. That’s a far cry from the 2012 summer, when just 8% of the courses offered were fully online.

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