Payment for Summer Individual Study and Internship Supervision

Even though we restored the policy of paying faculty supervising summer session individual studies and internships in 2015, and have employed it in the last three summer sessions, some still express surprise when they are notified that they have qualified to receive the compensation. It seems worthwhile, then, to review what the policies are about paying faculty to supervise summer session internships and individual studies.

Here’s the policy. Faculty receive $75 per student credit hour for internships supervised, $150 per credit hour for undergraduate individual studies, and $250 per credit hour for graduate individual studies.

Individual studies go by a variety of names (such as historical research, directed study, senior project, etc.); all instances involving student research under the guidance/mentorship/direction of the sponsoring faculty member will be eligible for the individual study payment. Additionally, note that Master’s thesis supervision, Master’s action research projects, and internships in the College of Education are excluded from this policy (because different protocols are followed for these sorts of “individual work”).

Last summer, 61 faculty members received compensation for supervising individual studies or internships. The total number of students doing internships and individual studies was 130 (125 undergraduates and 5 graduate students). The total number of credits hours for those projects was 354. Total compensation provided was $33,675.

Results from last summer were on par with what we recorded in the prior two summer sessions. In summer 2016, 54 faculty received compensation for supervising a total of 129 students (127 undergraduate and 2 graduate). A total of 349 credit hours of “individual” work was tallied. In summer 2015, 61 faculty received compensation. A total of 148 students were involved (142 undergraduate and 6 graduate) and they registered for 386 credit hours of “individual” work.

To put this in further perspective, let’s turn the clock back to summer 2000. That was the final year we had compensated summer individual studies and internships before the program was suspended (because summer session 2000 had operated at a loss and we needed to find ways to bring the budget back into balance). Back then, faculty were receiving just $60 for each individual study credit supervised and $30 for each internship credit. The total number of individual credits generated in summer session 2000 was 132! That’s a far cry from what we have seen after the program was reinstated.

When students talk to you about supervising their summer 2018 independent study or internship, please keep in mind that you won’t have to do that totally gratis. While the amounts won’t make anyone rich, several faculty have commented that they see this program as a good thing and are glad it is continuing.

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