External Grant “Score Card” and Coming Changes to the Federal Grants (grants.gov) Process

The 2017 year was a good one for UMW external funding successes. The institutional effectiveness plan for external grants/contracts funding identifies three goals: to see (1) an increase number of applications made to external funding sources, (2) an increase in the number of successful applications, and (3) an increase in the total amount of funding awarded from all external sources. With 14 projects funded in 2017 amounting to $1,651,215 in awards, the goal to increase funding awarded over the prior year was met, even though the number of applications submitted and the number of awards made decreased from the prior year.

Because of variances in fiscal years used by agencies awarding funding, the calendar year is used as the basis of comparison.  Grants funded are counted in the year in which they were awarded.  For any projects awarded funding for multiple years, the full award is recorded once in the initial calendar year when the award was announced. The following table tracks results of external funding activity over the past five calendar years.

Year Applications Awards Amount Awarded
2017 (as of 12-13-17) 30 14 $1,651,215
2016 44 20 $617,444
2015 29 12 $253,856
2014 39 15 $616,682
2013 40 17 $538,177
* The term “grants” in this table refers to all forms of external support solicited and awarded to the University of Mary Washington (contracts, fellowships, grants, sub-awards, etc.).

Making an external funding application takes time and energy – we know that. In an effort to reward faculty and staff who make the commitment, we have since 2015 been providing “incentive funds” to faculty who have submitted external funding proposals. Thus far, eight separate rounds of awards have been made (the last round of winners was notified this week). As of the end of calendar 2017, 58 faculty and staff members (or academic program units) have received a total of $29,675 in incentive awards. Details about the Research Incentive Funds are posted at the External Funding, Grants, and Research web page.

To better assist faculty and staff in submitting external funding proposals, we’re open to ideas. We previously held a short external funding workshop for faculty and staff. Fifty-five faculty and staff attended the last workshop and many of them ultimately submitted funding proposals to external agencies. Would you like to see another workshop held sometime in the spring 2018 semester? Or would this not be of much value to you? Send your responses to John Morello, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, who manages the UMW external funding processes.


Or, if you have other suggestions to make, contact Morello with your ideas.



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