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University of Mary Washington


The first 2015-16 Newsletter, both shorter than usual and more focused, with four pieces each covering a different facet of external grant activity.

Jonathan Levin

About This Issue

I hope you’ll read what’s here— especially the piece describing the many grant applications that all of you have submitted, including nine that have been successfully awarded to the tune of over $160,000.  This is a wonderful result, and I congratulate everyone who has participated in this process.  You’ll also find information about an upcoming meeting to help anyone interested in getting acquainted with our policies, procedures, and available resources to assist you in the grant application process.  I encourage anyone interested in developing resources for research or other activities related to our educational mission to participate.  Enjoy what follows!

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UMW Receives First-Ever Federal Indirect Cost Rate Agreement!

With assistance provided by the firm of McAllister & Quinn, UMW successfully filed the necessary documentation required to be awarded a “facilities and administrative cost rate.” The agreed rate, sometimes referred to as the F & A rate or the indirect cost rate, is 36% and it may be applied to all eligible proposals for federal grants, contracts, or other agreements. The approved period for the agreement is March 1, 2015 through June 30, 2019.

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Congratulations to UMW External Grant Winners and Applicants!

UMW faculty and staff are continuing to submit external grant and contract proposals and to achieve success. Since January 1, 2015, sixteen applications for external funding have been processed through the Provost’s Office. And seven faculty members and one administrative/professional faculty member have been awarded a total of nine separate grants and/or contracts! (Please note – some of these applications were submitted last year and awards came in this year.) Congratulations to everyone who applied and to those who received awards, with special kudos to the one person who garnered multiple successful awards! To see the list of all successes and applications, keep reading!

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Upcoming Open Meeting About External Grants

On Wednesday, September 16 at noon in the Digital Auditorium in the ITCC, Associate Provost John Morello will convene an open meeting for all interested teaching and administrative faculty about UMW’s procedures for submitting external grant applications, a renewal of the “incentive plan” to support those who submit applications, and some additional resources for assisting in the prospecting for potential grant sources. A buffet lunch will be provided (and will be available starting at 11:30 a.m.).

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NEH Summer Stipend Applications – UMW Nomination Process and Deadlines

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) summer stipend program requires that any applicant who is teaching at a college or university must be nominated by their institution in order to be eligible for consideration.  Each institution may nominate up to two persons, and the NEH requests that institutions announce their nomination procedures. Click “read more” to see UMW’s procedures.

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Photo Credit: Jeff McClurken