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University of Mary Washington

This update from my office is my attempt to keep you informed and to communicate through the changes. I welcome your questions and feedback.

Jay Harper

Getting Acquainted with UMW

In the six months since I started as Provost here at Mary Washington, I’ve had the pleasure to meet most of the faculty and staff.  I still have a few departments to visit, but I hope to get to those soon.   As we move through the spring semester numerous questions and uncertainties will arise.  I encourage everyone to obviate rumors by engaging in open discourse in venues such as conversations with the Provost.

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Plans for UMW’s Colleges Take Shape

As you know, last summer the Board of Visitors (BOV) directed the administration to create a College of Education and a College of Business. This directive came out of our strategic plan which was later approved by the BOV in its November meeting.  Occasionally, I have heard that there is some confusion about when these new colleges will begin operation. Major work on this re-structuring has progressed to the point where I want to announce that as of July 1 2010, UMW will consist of three colleges: Arts and Sciences, Business and Education. I thank the faculty for their diligent work to date.

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Review of Adult Degree Options Progresses

Last semester, after consulting with the faculty organization committees, I appointed an advisory committee of faculty and administrators and charged them with the task of reviewing the two current adult degree programs — the BLS and BPS degrees.  The committee has worked energetically on this general task, and they are on track to deliver a set of recommendations to me by the end of April.

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SACS Self Study Plans and Timeline

Even though our next SACS Reaffirmation visit won’t occur until 2013, much needs to be done to get us ready for that event.  To help us prepare for our decennial re-affirmation from SACS (our regional accrediting organization), I have asked Professor Tim O’Donnell to direct our compliance self-study.

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Photo Credit: Jeff McClurken