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University of Mary Washington


Announcements, news, and information from the Academic Affairs area of the University.

Reflections on a Busy and Productive Semester

By Ian D. C. Newbould

During the past three months, I have visited several departments to hear about their work.  Every department, without exception, has been enthusiastic about its programs and its students.  It is clear that the learning environment is first-rate, and that we have faculty members who are very much devoted to students and their education.

There are a few other ongoing projects and activities about which I would like to update you.  Go to the next page to learn about: (1) the College of Education’s successful Virginia Department of Education accreditation visit;  (2) the current status of our SACS reaffirmation; (3) the new Waple Professorships; and (4) some additional information about the announced resource allocation study.

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Congratulations To 2013-14 Sabbatical Awardees And Jepson Fellows!

By Ian D.C. Newbould

It’s my pleasure to recognize the faculty who have been selected for sabbatical leaves and Jepson Fellowships for the next academic year.  Eleven faculty members were awarded sabbatical leaves for all or part of the 2013-14 academic year to pursue a research or other professional development project.  Two other faculty who submitted sabbatical applications received awards that have been deferred to the 2014-15 academic year.  Finally, another three faculty members will spend the next academic year as Jepson Fellows with a half-time teaching load while they pursue a research project that has particular and direct application to their teaching.  Please continue reading to see who has earned these awards.

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More External Grants Activity And Successes!

Congratulations yet again to Patricia Reynolds who was recently awarded a NINTH grant from the Virginia Department of Education for delivering the TESL 532 course.  Also, David Toth – a first year faculty member – received notification of two separate awards for super computing time by XSEDE, inc.  Norah Hooper earned a second special education grant from the Virginia Department of Education. And Lynn Lewis learned that her student Ryan Green will be receiving an undergraduate research award from the Virginia Academy of Science. Brief details about these projects, and a list of the applications made since August, follows on the next page.

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Budget Development Information For Fiscal Year 2013-2014

Direct reports to the Provost have been notified of a call to submit LIMITED funding requests for items that (1) advanced implementation of the Strategic Plan, (2) support TJ 21 initiatives or  (3) are deemed critical to the operation of the program or department.  All such requests will be submitted by the various direct reports (College Deans, for example) to the Provost for review and prioritization.

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Work on Convergence Center Project Moving Ahead Smoothly

Construction activity is ramping up at the Convergence Center site.  See for yourself by checking out the “web cam” at the Convergence Center tab on the Provost’s web site.  For additional information about the project, select either of the two FAQ sections or the listing of “latest developments” available at the same location as the webcam.  Two big events are happening now: the placement of the aggregate piers that will anchor the building to the site followed by the pouring of the building’s foundations and footings.

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Photo Credit: Jeff McClurken